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Respect at Workplace Training Course

Inspire everyone in your organisation to create a culture of safety, inclusivity, and mutual respect with this 15-minute Respect in The Workplace Training Course.

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Legally Endorsed Respect at Work
​Online Training Course

Australia and New Zealand Respect@Work

Respecting each other in the Australian workplace is a shared responsibility. It's not just a legal requirement; it's about ensuring everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, as everyone deserves.

Did you know these facts about respect at work?

  • 1 in 3 people have faced sexual harassment and gender-based harassment in Australian workplaces.
  • Workplace sexual harassment and gender-based harassment happen across all industries, business sizes, and job levels in Australia.
  • Recent amendments to the Sex Discrimination and Fair Work Act, known as the Respect@Work Act 2021, highlight the significance of respect in Australian workplaces.

Respect at Work Course Overview

The online training courses cover workplace respect, including diversity, inclusion, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying. They are designed for employees, contractors, and volunteers and aim to help individuals recognise and report discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying. The courses also guide through appropriate resolution processes to promote a fair and respectful workplace that fosters diversity and inclusion.

Our respect in the Workplace online training for both staff and managers follows the law and stays updated with regulations in all Australian states and territories. It was created in partnership with Mills Oakley Law Firm for Australia.

Target audience

This online training program on respect in the workplace is suitable for all employees, contractors, and volunteers in the Australian workplace. You can provide this training to new hires during their induction and offer refresher sessions regularly as part of your workplace relations and safety program.

Topics covered

  • Diversity and inclusion for all staff.
  • Equal employment opportunity, discrimination, and victimisation, for all staff.
  • Sexual harassment (and gender-based harassment) for all staff.
  • Workplace bullying for all staff.
  • Enabling diversity and inclusion for managers.
  • Preventing and addressing sexual harassment for managers.
  • Preventing and addressing workplace bullying for managers.

The respect in the workplace online training courses cover the legislative changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth), and the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth) that resulted from the amendments in the Sex Discrimination and Fair Work (Respect at Work) Amendment Act 2021 (Respect@Work).

Learner experience

This online training program is easy to use, straightforward, and suitable for all learning preferences. Participants will engage in case studies and activities to emphasise the significance of workplace respect. At the end of each course, there is a brief check to reinforce learning. Additionally, there is a commitment declaration for everyone to uphold a workplace culture that values fairness and respect for everyone.

Learning outcomes

Upon finishing this respect at work online training program, participants will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn about respect at work and its legal aspects.
  • Identify behaviours like sexual harassment and gender-based bias.
  • Understand the impacts of discrimination and workplace bullying.
  • Highlight the importance of prevention.
  • Learn to identify, report, and resolve disrespect as an active bystander.
  • Promote a workplace culture focused on fair treatment and respect.

Business outcomes

Once all employees, contractors, and volunteers finish the Respect at Work online courses, your organisation will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Professional behaviour in the workplace
  • Lower risk of legal accusations
  • Well-protected reputation by preventing incidents of misconduct.
  • Mutual respect in the workplace.
  • Improved engagement by promoting a culture of fairness and respect.

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