HR Software for Startups

Manage human resources within your startup efficiently and scale your business to the next level with the best HRMS software for startup companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Maximise the efficiency of HR Management
in your startup with Sentrient HRMS

Introducing Sentrient, the all-in-one cloud-based human resource management system for startups. It is designed to simplify and optimise every facet of HR activities, from hiring to retirement and from compliance to performance evaluation. Sentrient HRMS for startups offers a streamlined and effortless approach to managing HR processes.

Human resource software for startups

Sentrient HR is the go-to solution for countless early businesses and startup companies in Australia and New Zealand. It's the perfect solution for organising and managing HR operations efficiently.


Easy implementation is critical to startups' early success. We understand your unique needs and provide support at every step.

  • Set up HRMS in minutes
  • Customise according to your brand
  • Centralise your staff data
  • Optimise HR workflows to save time
  • Dashboards for quick insights
  • Comprehensive reports
We help you make an excellent first impression.


An easy-to-use solution is essential for your startup business. We deliver a great end-user experience, starting with your HR team and extending it to all your staff.

  • Quick and easy access
  • Personalised to your team
  • Effortless navigation
  • Self-service updates
  • To-do lists for task management
  • Comprehensive dashboards
We simplify the management of your small business.


Reliability is crucial for startups. Our commitment includes dependable software, comprehensive support, and reliable customer service.

  • Tailored for startups
  • Secure cloud-based solution
  • Data hosted locally in Australia
  • Complied with regulations
  • 24*7 access availability
  • Support from local experts
We stand by our word at every stage of your business journey.
  • Recruitment Attract enthusiasts
    like your startup

    Sentrient's recruitment software is designed to meet the unique needs of startup businesses. With features like job posting, applicant screening, candidate management, and pre-boarding, you can simplify and streamline the recruitment operations within your startup.

    • Speed up candidate screening
    • Streamline the recruitment process
    • Improve the hiring experience
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  • Onboarding Seamless employee

    Sentrient HRMS system transforms your onboarding process. Our personalised onboarding solutions automate onboarding and support paperless documentation. It guarantees a reassuring experience for both new employees and the HR team within your company.

    • Paperless documentation
    • Onboarding process automation
    • Improved onboarding experience
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  • People Improve Team

    Announcements, community walls, milestones, and galleries support team communication and collaboration. Your startup can use the Sentrient human resource management software to enhance internal collaboration and improve overall productivity in your startup.

    • Streamline your compliance procedures
    • Lower the total expenses of compliance
    • Minimise risks to your company’s reputation
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  • Compliance Ensure compliance
    within your Startup

    "Our goal is to make compliance easier for small businesses." Our platform offers courses, policies, records, incidents, and surveys to help your small business stay compliant and ensure that your employees are aligned with your compliance objectives.

    • Automate your compliance processes
    • Reduce the overall costs of compliance
    • Mitigate the risk of reputational damage
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  • Learning Nurture skills
    within your startup

    We empower startups to educate their employees using training, events, knowledge bases, libraries, and online courses. Sentrient LMS solutions enable your employees to gain new skills and abilities, which results in overall efficiency improvement with a startup.

    • Centralised library for everyone
    • Automated training courses
    • Improved knowledge sharing
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  • Performance Build a high-
    performing team

    Maximise your team's efficiency with Sentrient's performance management software solutions. Our features consist of engagement surveys, objectives, meetings, PIPs, JDs, and evaluations, all designed to boost productivity and cultivate a top-performing team.

    • Establish specific expectations and goals
    • Promote frequent discussions about performance
    • Remove paper-based processes
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    Trusted by Australian business

    Sentrient is trusted by businesses just like yours. We welcome you to our community of like-minded professionals from some of Australia’s most highly regarded organisations.

    Why Sentrient?

    • Australian owned and operated
    • Cloud based HR software with all data stored in Australia
    • HR system and content specifically for the Australian workplace
    • Reliable customer service based in Australia
    • Compliance with legislation for all States and Territories
    • Our clients refer us to businesses just like yours
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    What do people say?

    “ Having a platform that can fulfil our compliance records management, as well as our ongoing training and policy management, all in the one place, is very helpful, and the automation rules mean that we can walk away knowing that staff members will get the training when they need it. ”

    Alison Forrest
    People and Culture Manager
    Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

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    “ Sentrient is incredibly easy for our staff to use, and for our people and culture team to administer. Sentrient is simple, quick, and easy. Having the set and forget function is a game changer. ”

    Marella Verbeeten
    Head of People and Culture
    Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

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    “ Sentrient has helped us deliver training and mange policies and procedures seamlessly and I am very keen to explore other modules available within the system. ”

    Lisa Hunter
    Director of People and Culture
    Kids First Australia

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    “ The Sentrient team is always accommodating and helpful. I am in a better position since partnering with Sentrient where I am not chasing the team and the system is doing it all for me. ”

    Julia Tierney
    Human Resource Manager
    Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation

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