HR & ComplianceSoftware solution

Simple, easy and reliable way to bring all your Compliance,
GRC and HR processes into one system.

HR & Compliance Software solution
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    Compliance managementEasy to complete mandatory compliance training
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    GRC managementUnderpins your overall governance risk
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    HR management Simplify your HR processes

Compliance managementEasy to complete mandatory compliance training

Compliance Management System

Your Sentrient online workplace compliance management and incident reporting system makes it easy for your people to complete mandatory compliance training, policy and records requirements.

  • Easy to access online
  • Customised email notifications
  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • Self-service records management
  • Incident reporting and response
  • We help you achieve compliance
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GRC managementUnderpins your overall governance risk

Governance Risk and Compliance GRC System

Governance risk management and compliance GRC system that is easy for administrators, managers, and staff, and that underpins your overall governance risk and compliance program.

  • Easy access to GRC courses
  • Online GRC policy sign off
  • GRC records management
  • Incident reporting
  • Risk management made easy
  • Online GRC surveys

HR management Simplify your HR processes

Bring all your HR processes into one system

We help you simplify your HR processes and establish a single source of truth for all your HR data and reporting.

  • Recruitment
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • People
  • Performance
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Trusted by Australian business

Sentrient is trusted by businesses just like yours. We welcome you to our community of like-minded professionals from some of Australia’s most highly regarded organisations.


Why Sentrient?

  • Australian owned and operated
  • Cloud based HR software with all data stored in Australia
  • HR system and content specifically for the Australian workplace
  • Reliable customer service based in Australia
  • Compliance with legislation for all States and Territories
  • Our clients refer us to businesses just like yours
Recruitment Software

Attract the right talent

The Sentrient recruitment management system increases your chances of attracting the right talent to your business. It includes job postings, job applications, candidate management, talent pool, offer and acceptance, and pre-boarding.


Automate your onboarding

The Sentrient onboarding management system will automate your onboarding process. It comes with features for assets, documents, forms, staff details, to do lists, and workflows. It also includes pre-built document templates, forms, and onboarding workflows.


Create a collaborative employee experience

The Sentrient people management system creates a collaborative employee experience. It comes with features for announcements, community wall, milestones, organisation chart, photo gallery, and quick links.


Develop a positive compliance culture

The Sentrient compliance management system allows you to develop a positive compliance culture. It comes with features for courses, policies, records, incidents, risks, and surveys. It also includes pre-built legally endorsed compliance courses and policy templates.


Build capability through learning

The Sentrient learning management system allows you to build capability through learning. It comes with features for capabilities, courses, events, knowledgebase, library, and training. It also includes a pre-built knowledgebase to help you get started with Sentrient.


Enable high performing teams

The Sentrient performance management system will enable high performing teams. It comes with features for documents, goals, meetings, position descriptions, reviews, and surveys. Additional features include rewards and staff warning. It also includes pre-built engagement surveys, goals and review templates.

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Australia’s most reliable HR software solution

Sentrient is Australia’s most reliable HR software solution for small and medium business and larger organisations. Sentrient can be deployed in just minutes, without the stress of complex system configurations. It includes modules to support every stage of the employee lifecycle. It also comes with pre-loaded legally endorsed compliance content and ready-made reports for audit purposes. This makes it easy for you to do the right thing and protect your business from the ever-increasing cost of regulatory compliance.

Australia’s most reliable HR software solution
  • Reliable for small and medium business and larger organisations
  • Deployed in minutes, without the stress of complex system configurations
  • HRIS to support every stage of the employee lifecycle
  • Pre-loaded legally endorsed compliance content
  • Ready-made reports for audit purposes
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance

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And so much more...

Make it easy

Simplify your HR processes and bring them into one system that allows you to engage with your people at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

  • Reduce HR costs by 40%
  • Decrease administration time by 67%
  • Achieve three times return on investment

Do the right thing

Create a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace that builds trust and enables sustainable growth.

  • Achieve 18% more productivity
  • Reduce burnout by 40%
  • Double your employee engagement

Protect your business

Lower regulatory compliance costs, reduce the risk of claims for vicarious liability, and avoid irreparable reputational damage.

  • Avoid lost revenue
  • Prevent claims for vicarious liability
  • Stop the destruction of shareholder value

What do people say?

“ Having a platform that can fulfil our compliance records management, as well as our ongoing training and policy management, all in the one place, is very helpful, and the automation rules mean that we can walk away knowing that staff members will get the training when they need it. ”

Alison Forrest
People and Culture Manager
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

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“ Sentrient is incredibly easy for our staff to use, and for our people and culture team to administer. Sentrient is simple, quick, and easy. Having the set and forget function is a game changer. ”

Marella Verbeeten
Head of People and Culture
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

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“ Sentrient has helped us deliver training and mange policies and procedures seamlessly and I am very keen to explore other modules available within the system. ”

Lisa Hunter
Director of People and Culture
Kids First Australia

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“ The Sentrient team is always accommodating and helpful. I am in a better position since partnering with Sentrient where I am not chasing the team and the system is doing it all for me. ”

Julia Tierney
Human Resource Manager
Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation

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