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Online community wall system to create
an interactive engagement hub

Build meaningful connections with your employees with Sentrient's community wall. Break down silos and improve communication by sharing crucial updates like work anniversaries, birthdays, employee achievements, festival wishes, etc. Make every moment count with Sentrient.

Most important community events

Sentrient's community wall management solution enables you to manage different community events such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Festivals
  • Milestone celebration
  • Engagement activities
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Stay updated, stay connected

Keep a tab on the latest happenings within your company with real-time updates on the community wall. Whether it's a new team member joining, some important news, or an upcoming event, stay in the loop.

  • Know everything about any event
  • Make your employees part of your journey
  • Get all the news you need

Celebrate every moment

Celebrate all team accomplishments and noteworthy occasions, such as employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and joyous occasions, to foster a culture of gratitude and cooperation. Make sure that no special moment goes unnoticed.

  • Celebrate team accomplishments, birthdays, or important occasions
  • Foster gratitude and cooperation
  • Create a cheerful work culture

Straight forward communication flow

Eliminate endless email threads and complex messaging with Sentrient's community wall management software. Its sleek interface empowers you to share updates, start productive discussions, and foster a sense of camaraderie across your organisation. With Sentrient, it becomes easier to,

  • Share updates effortlessly
  • Initiate productive discussions
  • Smart interface for streamlined communication

Explore various perspectives

Start conversations that add meaning with Sentrient online community wall management software. Ignite creativity among your team members by allowing them to create discussion threads on different topics. Ensure that every voice is listened to and valued.

  • Initiate meaningful conversations
  • Let your employees collaborate
  • Make your employees feel valued

Set up visibility

Sentrient’s online community wall solution makes it accessible for users to decide what they want to share with everyone and what they want to keep for a specific group. It lets you set the visibility for any department, location, or group. This ensures that your information is visible only to your trusted ones.

  • Keep a tab on content visibility
  • Limit visibility to a particular group, location, or department
  • Choose what to share publicly or keep specific to someone

Manage community wall

By creating a dedicated area for interaction, the community wall management system encourages users to connect with one another, share updates, and have conversations. It acts as a primary centre for community collaboration and communication, equipped with the capabilities to foster meaningful conversations.

  • One-stop solution for efficient collaboration
  • Share anything you want
  • Indulge in meaningful conversations

Ignite the spirit of collaborative teams with
a community wall management system

Sentrient's community wall management system is transformative for companies to promote an inclusive and appreciative culture. It enables teams to remain connected by offering smooth communication, different viewpoints, and milestone celebrations. Unleash the true potential of your community and experience the transformative impact of a truly connected workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which community events can you organise with Sentrient?

The system allows you to organise various community events such as festivals, work anniversaries, achievements, celebrating milestones, and engagement activities.

Does the community wall management system foster a culture of gratitude?

Absolutely. This system enables organisations to celebrate team accomplishments, birthdays, and other notable occasions, promoting a culture of gratitude and cooperation, ensuring no special moment goes unnoticed.

Can users control content visibility?

Yes, users can control content visibility, deciding what to share publicly or keep specific to groups, departments, or locations.

How Sentrient make communication fruitful?

Sentrient offers a straightforward communication flow, eliminating endless email threads and complex messaging with a sleek interface. It empowers users to share updates, initiate productive discussions, and foster camaraderie.

How Sentrient promote community collaboration and communication?

By creating a dedicated area for interaction, the system encourages users to connect, share updates, and create discussion threads on different topics. This makes sure that every voice is heard and valued, leading to meaningful conversations.

How does community wall management system encourages various perspectives?

With Sentrient, employees can create discussion threads on different topics, sparking creativity and ensuring that everyone is important, leading to noteworthy conversations.