Risk Management System

Protect your business from corporate threats with the most reliable risk management software in Australia and New Zealand. Predict possible risks, reduce impacts, and implement mitigation strategies.

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Deal with risks before they turn into crises
with risk management software solutions

Protect your business proactively with our comprehensive risk management software. Our end-to-end solution ensures the prevention of any potential loss caused by corporate, governance, and compliance risks. Invest in software today to secure the future of your business.

Most used GRC software records

Sentrient's governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software offers a comprehensive view of risk trends and oversights. It helps you anticipate risks, track them in real-time, and protect your business from corporate vulnerabilities.

  • Risk Dashboards  
  • Risk Likelihood & Severity 
  • Potential Impacts & Controls 
  • Risk Responses & Reports 
  • Mitigation Actions & Activities 
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Identify risks proactively

Our risk management module is feature-rich that helps you precisely predict and identify potential risks. Advanced features and functionalities, including risk dashboards, data analytics, and alerts, enable you to identify risks in advance and plan actions.

  • Systematically store and categorise potential risks 
  • Analyse data and market trends to identify emerging threats 
  • Send automated alerts to decision-makers for new risks 

Evaluate risks for informed decisions

Assessment tools in our risk management software, like probability and possible impacts, assist you in prioritising risks. Risk assessment data also allows you to determine the importance and scale of the threats, including whether they are acceptable or tolerable.

  • Risk score based on likelihood and severity 
  • Information and values to evaluate potential impacts of the risk 
  • Analysis of collected data for informed decision-making 

Respond timely to potential risks

Empower your leadership team to address the critical existence of risks efficiently and on time. Our risk management system software enables your leadership team to effortlessly acknowledge, transfer, minimise, and eliminate uncertainties and vulnerabilities.

  • Create and execute response plans for different risks 
  • Assign and track risks for effective risk management strategy 
  • Improve execution with internal communication & collaboration tools 

Mitigate to reduce risk impacts

Bring the risk levels down to a tolerable level by developing a plan to manage, eliminate, or limit complications as much as possible. Using our GRC software, your business can continually address criticalities to reduce its exposure and likelihood of an incident.

  • Clear ownership and tracking to reduce the likelihood of risks 
  • Strategic approach to avoid, reduce, transfer, or eliminate threats 
  • Predefined risk thresholds for regulatory compliance and adherence 

Monitor to detect early and act

Vigilantly monitor and manage risks and their potential impacts on your business. Our best ERM software in Australia helps you to create a framework to stay aware of current risk exposures and make informed decisions with well-managed key risk indicators (KRIs).

  • Tracking and monitoring of risks in real-time for immediate actions 
  • Set up KRIs and offer early warnings of risky events 
  • Holistic reports and analytics to improve risk management processes 

Streamline risk management processes

Our easy-to-use, simple-to-implement, and most reliable GRC software in Australia and New Zealand makes it effortless for your administrators, staff, and decision-makers to manage risks associated with your organisation. Streamline, simplify, and improve risk management processes.

  • Improve corporate risk preparedness with your business 
  • Shield your revenue and take complete financial control 
  • Address critical threats effectively with in-built audits and reports 

Manage risks and secure
your business with Sentrient

Sentrient's risk management system protects your business by building a solid foundation. Schedule a demo now and learn how we can help you drive sustainable growth within your business. Are you ready to secure your business and drive sustainable growth?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GRC software?

Sentrient’s GRC is an integrated suite of software capabilities that businesses use to manage governance policies, control risk impacts, and comply with corporate laws.

What is ERM software?

Enterprise risk management (ERM) software is a digital tool that helps organisations identify, respond to, and mitigate strategies for risk factors.

What software is used for risk management?

Sentrient is one of the most reliable and robust risk management software systems used in Australia and New Zealand. Its extensive features and functionalities enable organisations to proactively identify risks, mitigate strategies, and effectively respond to them.

What types of critical risks can be managed in Sentrient’s risk management software?

Sentrient's scalable risk management software solution is the only tool you will ever need to manage corporate threats within your business. It enables you to save your business against various enterprise, compliance, strategic, operational, and IT-related risks.

Which is the best risk management software for Australian businesses?

Sentrient's risk management software is one of the best, considering its end-to-end capabilities, competencies, and benefits. It is easy to use, easy to implement, and the most reliable risk management system software available now.