Preboarding software

Simplify the entire pre-employment process and save time while ensuring a smooth hiring transition with our end-to-end preboarding software.

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Transform your hiring process
with Sentrient preboarding software

Envision a future where welcoming new employees is seamless, productive, and ignites enthusiasm from the very start. That's the potential of our preboarding software, tailored for companies in Australia and New Zealand. Our user-friendly system streamlines the entire pre-hiring procedure, saving you time and resources while guaranteeing a seamless integration for your fresh staff.

All-in-one preboarding software features

Enhancing its services with advanced data collection for seamless onboarding, Sentrient provides comprehensive pre-boarding hiring solutions. Our platform incorporates key features and functionalities to streamline and simplify the employment process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both employers and new hires.

  • Information collection 
  • Personalised templates 
  • Customised workflow 
  • Dynamic checklist 
  • Centralised access 
  • HR overview dashboard 
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Effortless new-hire information collection

Your organisation can now seamlessly gather crucial details and securely transmit information to collect contact, banking, tax, and health information. It also allows easy document uploads, offers customisable workflows, and provides real-time updates and notifications.

  • Just a click to request information 
  • Secure and encrypted information transmission 
  • Customisable templates and workflows 

Welcome material and information distribution

Let your HR department distribute digital welcome materials, company information, and personalised video messages to improve the employee onboarding experience. Additionally, HR can distribute digital forms and share culture, values, and policies to ensure a smooth onboarding.

  • Share welcome notes with a single click 
  • Access to digital library and resources 
  • Digital forums and discussion 

Streamline equipment and set up accounts

Simplifying the process of setting up equipment and accounts is important to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process for new employees. This will not only improve the new hires' initial experiences but also greatly enhance their productivity right from the start.

  • Equipment setup automation 
  • Setup workflows and deadlines 
  • Customised approvals 

Advanced preboarding checklist management

Use dynamic checklists that are tailored to roles, departments, or locations. These features highlight accountability, provide automated reminders, and offer an overview dashboard for HR. Ensuring that everything is prepared before a new hire joins improves the overall hiring experience.

  • Dynamic and customised checklists 
  • Easy creating and management of checklists 
  • Automated reminders and notifications 

Reduce paperwork and expedite onboarding
with Sentrient preboarding software

Manual onboarding can be time-consuming and tedious for both new hires and HR teams. But what if you could automate repetitive tasks and get new employees up to speed faster? Preboarding software can transform your onboarding process, saving you time and money while creating a positive first impression for your new hires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is preboarding software used for hiring processes?

Preboarding software is an HRMS application used by organisations and businesses to streamline the preliminary stages of the hiring process and improve the hiring experience of both candidates and employers.

What is the preboarding process?

Prior to officially starting their new roles, employees have already accepted the job offer and are getting ready for their first day. This phase is an essential component of the entire onboarding process, setting the stage for a successful transition into the company.

What are the benefits of preboarding software?

Preboarding is an essential strategy for HR managers and recruiters to guarantee a seamless and prosperous onboarding process for new hires. By involving new employees before their start date, companies can boost employee engagement, enhance retention rates, expedite time-to-productivity, and cultivate lasting relationships.