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We started our journey in 2016 with the objective of helping businesses just like yours meet their compliance obligations. We did this by introducing an online compliance solution that was simple to implement, easy to use and reliable. This very quickly became the compliance solution of choice for the HR community in Australia. Two in three businesses joining Sentrient were referred from another. We had a shared vision of creating safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces. Several years on, we now offer Australia’s most reliable HR software solution. Whilst we continue to have compliance at our core, our clients and partners have helped us create an online platform that brings together all of your important HR processes, data and allows you to engage with your people at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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We understand you

HR is the heart and soul of an organisation

We understand the important role that HR plays in every business. It is the heart and soul of an organisation. It is what enables you to shine. We also understand that operational demands are high for HR teams and that having a reliable HR software solution is fundamental to the success of your HR function. Our role at Sentrient is to make it easy for you to do the right thing and protect your business. In other words, we are here to help you win. In the eyes of your people and in the boardroom.

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What we believe

We believe that remarkable software is just the beginning. It needs to be simple to implement. It needs to be easy for people to use. Most importantly, we need to be reliable. That is what makes Sentrient special. For our staff, partners, and our clients.


Simple to implement is the start of your success. We take time to understand your requirements and ensure we are part of the solution. We support you with each step of the implementation. After launch we are always just a phone call or email away.


Easy to use is all about the end user experience. It starts with your HR Team. It includes your staff and their managers. We help you make it clear for everyone to understand what is required of them and to make their experience with the platform a good one.


Being reliable is what makes all the difference. It starts with the HR software. That includes accessibility, up-time, security and. It also includes the way our customer service and technical support teams respond to you in a timely and respectful manner.

Values that guide us

By living our core values we are confident that our staff, partners and clients will have the greatest chance of a smile. At Sentrient we focus on serving our clients and understand that what makes one person smile can be different to another. This guides everyone to come to work each day and be the best we can be. We love what we do. Our clients know, like and trust us. This is what makes partnering with Sentrient special.

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Be part of the solution

That is how we shine

Take care of each other

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Strive for the future

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Reach to us & we are always there to assist you.

Australia’s most reliable HR software solution

Sentrient is Australia’s most reliable HR software solution for small and medium business and larger organisations. Sentrient can be deployed in just minutes, without the stress of complex system configurations. It includes modules to support every stage of the employee lifecycle. It also comes with pre-loaded legally endorsed compliance content and ready-made reports for audit purposes. This makes it easy for you to do the right thing and protect your business from the ever-increasing cost of regulatory compliance.

  • Reliable for small and medium business and larger organisations
  • Deployed in minutes, without the stress of complex system configurations
  • HRIS to support every stage of the employee lifecycle
  • Pre-loaded legally endorsed compliance content
  • Ready-made reports for audit purposes
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance

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And so much more...

Make it easy

Simplify your HR processes and bring them into one system that allows you to engage with your people at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

  • Reduce HR costs by 40%
  • Decrease administration time by 67%
  • Achieve three times return on investment

Do the right thing

Create a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace that builds trust and enables sustainable growth.

  • Achieve 18% more productivity
  • Reduce burnout by 40%
  • Double your employee engagement

Protect your business

Lower regulatory compliance costs, reduce the risk of claims for vicarious liability, and avoid irreparable reputational damage.

  • Avoid lost revenue
  • Prevent claims for vicarious liability
  • Stop the destruction of shareholder value

What do people say?

“ Having a platform that can fulfil our compliance records management, as well as our ongoing training and policy management, all in the one place, is very helpful, and the automation rules mean that we can walk away knowing that staff members will get the training when they need it. ”

Alison Forrest
People and Culture Manager
Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

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“ Sentrient is incredibly easy for our staff to use, and for our people and culture team to administer. Sentrient is simple, quick, and easy. Having the set and forget function is a game changer. ”

Marella Verbeeten
Head of People and Culture
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

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“ Sentrient has helped us deliver training and mange policies and procedures seamlessly and I am very keen to explore other modules available within the system. ”

Lisa Hunter
Director of People and Culture
Kids First Australia

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“ The Sentrient team is always accommodating and helpful. I am in a better position since partnering with Sentrient where I am not chasing the team and the system is doing it all for me. ”

Julia Tierney
Human Resource Manager
Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation

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