Candidate Management

Streamline operations, boost communication, and stay updated with Sentrient – your one-stop solution for seamless organisation and timely updates!

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Game-changing candidate management
platform to transform your hiring!

Sentrient’s intitutive candidate management platform streamlines employee management from leave to resourcing for small and mid-size businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand. From managing leaves and resources to facilitating smooth communication across teams, our platform empowers you to effortlessly coordinate your workforce through a centralised hub granting instant access to HR tools and updates.

Robust features of Sentrient’s candidate management system

Sentrient’s candidate management system offers an extensible set of features that can help you get the most out of your HR processes.

  • Easy accessibility
  • Personalised dashboards
  • Links to important modules and systems
  • Seamless leave management
  • Sticky note notifications
  • Take charge of physical assets
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Online Staff Dashboard

Sentinent's candidate management system comes with a staff dashboard that serves as a single point of reference for all your HR data and activities. This means you can know easily get any kind of important staff data easily and efficiently. It lets you,

  • Keep a tab on leave requests, goal setting, and performance appraisals,
  • Track the completion of compliance training, learning events and important calendar dates
  • Access the latest news and organisational announcements

Online Staff Directory

Step into a world where teamwork thrives and communication flows effortlessly! With Sentrient's advanced candidate management system, every member of your staff gains access to their journey—from recruitment to onboarding. This allows employees to:

  • Have visibility into the details shared within their team and with their manager
  • View information about each other, fostering better communication and a sense of unity
  • Foster better communication and a sense of unity

Communication Management

Sentrient's online employee management system revolutionises organisational communication like never before. It lets you connect with your teams with ease and share critical alerts and messages in no time. With Sentrient, it becomes easier to

  • Collaborate and share important data
  • Share key policy updates, news, and intranet resource access
  • Delegate tasks and implement training initiatives

Leave Management

Managing employee leaves becomes more efficient with Sentrient’s online candidate management system. Here's how it benefits you in reflecting your organisational values:

  • Eliminates lengthy paperwork
  • Minimises manual interventions
  • Ensures legal compliance

Online Asset Management

Sentrient's online candidate management platform extends beyond employee management with its powerful asset management tool. With unparalleled ease, assign, reassign, and monitor every company asset, from essential electronics like phones and computers to your most critical physical resources. It lets you,

  • Take charge of your entire physical infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.
  • Effortlessly manage smoke detectors, fire alarms, fixed plant equipment, and much more
  • Get automated reminders for routine testing, tagging, and maintenance.


Stuck in the constant battle of managing time and lagging on deadlines? Look no further than Sentrient, the all-in-one candidate management system designed to revolutionise your workflows. It allows you to,

  • Gain valuable insights into employee attendance with attendance tracking feature
  • Collect, approve, and manage timesheets with a single click!
  • Analyse how you distribute your time across different projects with time tracking feature

Make your hiring faster with our top-notch
candidate management system

Managing candidates becomes faster and better with Sentrient, a top-class candidate management system. Reduce the stress of managing recruitment and give candidates and coworkers a better hiring experience. With centralised systems, access directories, leave requests, and important HR info effortlessly. It's more than just management—it's about creating a dynamic, connected workplace where everyone thrives!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sentrient's candidate management platform offers?

Sentrient offers a variety of tools to streamline HR processes, enhance communication, and manage organisational assets efficiently.

How can I improve communication within teams?

Sentrient facilitates seamless communication through its online staff directory, communication management tools, and personalized dashboards.

Which assets can I manage?

Our robust asset management solutions lets you manage various assets like phones and computers, as well as critical physical resources such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fixed plant equipment.

Can it help me to simplify managing the timesheet?

Yes, our online candidate management tool allows organisations to collect, approve, and manage timesheets with a single click, providing valuable insights into employee attendance and time distribution across different projects.

Is this candidate management solution compliant with relevant regulations?

Yes, Sentrient ensures legal compliance by providing features such as real-time data visibility, automated reminders for routine testing and maintenance, and adherent to Australia and New Zealand regulations.

How does Sentrient enhance the hiring process?

Sentrient's candidate management system expedites the hiring process by providing consolidated systems, access directories, and streamlined recruitment tasks, offering a better experience for candidates and coworkers.