Workflow Automation

Customise your workflows, automate mundane tasks, and enhance communication for unparalleled operational efficiency.

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Workflow automation
system for all your needs

Sentrient's online management software automates repetitive tasks, organisations can save time, effort, and money, and avoid human error. By delivering quality work quickly and accurately, they can gain an advantage over competitors relying on manual processes.

Most popular workflow types

Sentrient lets you manage different workflows automatically and without any hassles. Here are the workflow types that our online workflow automation solution can help you manage

  • Case workflow
  • Project workflow
  • Visual workflow
  • Sequential workflow
  • Parallel workflow
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Add workflow

Sentrient lets you add two types of workflows – new staff and external staff. You can add the new staff right from the creation of its data, at the start of the employment, you can add an employee after some days, or you can even add the new staff data even before the joining date of an employee.

  • Manage any workflow whether it’s for new or existing staff
  • Set employee addition in four different ways
  • Easier addition of workers

Automated workflow

With our workflow automation tool, you can organise your workflow. Here you can add name of staff member along with the detailed description about him. Also, you can set a date when the employee will staff working. On the other hand, you can enable a rule where you can automate workflow for any department, group, or location.

  • Add the names of staff members with detailed descriptions
  • Set commencement dates for staff
  • Execute rules to automate workflows

Select workflow template

Don’t stress yourself to add same workflow data repeatedly. Sentrient's workflow management system enables users with swift customisation and deployment of pre-designed templates. These templates are tailor-made for every business need. Streamline your processes effortlessly and accelerate productivity effortlessly.

  • Eliminate repetitive data entry stress
  • Tailor-made templates for various business needs
  • Caters to diverse business needs

Check out everything before confirmation

Sentrient workflow automation software lets you double check the staff details entered by you before the final submission. Check out all the important details like name, description, start date, location, department, group, etc. before clicking the finish button. In addition to this, here you can also see the workflow sequence based on the type of template selected by you.

  • Double check the entered data
  • Visualise the workflow sequence
  • Have an overview of crucial details

Sequence mapping

Sentrient lets you add and map sequence as per course, document, checklist, survey, policy, message, record, etc. You can select the exact details for these things from the drop-down menu. You can choose to keep the sequence compliant or non-compliant and set any due date you want. Even you can decide to whom this sequence is visible to – everyone, only manager or to any specific role.

  • Add and map sequences for courses, documents, messages, records, etc.
  • Specify visibility to everyone, managers, or specific roles
  • Pick compliance status and set due dates

Request information

The Information Request tool optimises communication among team members. Users can request information like basic details, banking details, allergy information, employment history, health notes, illness history, medical details, etc. which eventually makes the entire workflow management efficient and impactful. What’s more, you can even attach a file if needed.

  • Request any data whenever you want
  • Attach files with ease
  • Set the applicability of the request

Automate your workflows from start to end with Sentrient

Sentrient's online workflow automation software helps you build complex workflows in minutes that too within a single click! It offers an extensive suite of features that makes workflow creation and management smoother. Get more done in less time with our powerful online workflow automation management solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of workflows can Sentrient manage?

Sentrient lets you manage various workflow types, including case workflows, project workflows, visual workflows, sequential workflows, and parallel workflows.

Can I add new staff workflows?

Yes, Sentrient lets you add fresh staff data at different stages, such as at the start of employment, a few days after joining, or even before the joining date.

How can I automate workflows in Sentrient?

With Sentrient's workflow automation tool, you can organise your workflows by adding staff member details, setting commencement dates, and enabling rules to automate workflows for specific departments, groups, or locations.

Does workflow automation software contain pre-built workflow templates?

Absolutely. Sentrient provides pre-designed workflow templates tailored to various business needs, allowing for swift customisation and deployment.

Can I review the workflow details in Sentrient?

Yes, Sentrient allows you to double-check all the entered staff details, including names, descriptions, start dates, locations, departments, and groups, before confirming the workflow.

Is it possible to attach files to information requests?

Of course. Sentrient allows you to attach files to information requests, making the workflow management process more efficient and impactful.