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Managing all your goals at a single place became a breeze with Sentrient's goal management software.

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Set and track goals, build result-oriented performance plans, design intuitive learning and development pathways, career pathways and competency frameworks. Smoothly align your employee goals to business objectives and keep a tab on their progress in real time. Sentrient’s intuitive process that makes goal setting trouble-free.

Most popular goal functionalities

Boasting a visually appealing and feature-rich interface, Sentrient authorises employees to manage their goals with great efficiency and see the impact of their efforts in real time.

  • Add, set, and revise goals in a single click
  • Set clear goals and boundaries to stay accountable
  • Encourage feedback on goals
  • Stay updated on goal completion status
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Set SMART goals

Sentrient's online goal setting software lets you manage the overall performance of employees. Set SMART goals in multiple areas like learning plans, career progression plans, and performance plans to achieve more in less time. Record ongoing conversations and review points anytime, anywhere.

  • Set goals with ease
  • Record conversations as and when required
  • Make any kind of plans with ease

Formulate action plans

Sentrient's online goal management system enables users to craft straightforward action plans or detailed goals aligned with long-term performance objectives. It lets you adjust goals, record notes and monitor progress, helping managers and staff to understand the status of goals at any given point of time.

  • Adjust goals
  • Take notes
  • Keep a tab on work progress

Record performance conversations

Sentrient's goal management solution lets you take a note of your important conversations so that you cannot miss a single detail! You can use goal setting the way you want - as a performance review or an action plan for organisational performance conversations. Set goals, smash limits! Achieve your long-term dreams with ease.

  • Skilfully record significant talks
  • Tailor goal setting to different objectives
  • Break through barriers to realise long-term goals

Document your goals to stay focused

Sentrient's goal management solution lets you document your goals and take notes when they progress further. Plus, it lets you develop a dynamic and flexible goal-setting approach that enhances employee participation, streamlined collaboration, honest performance evaluation and much more.

  • Document your goals properly and easily
  • Ensure better collaboration across teams
  • Revisit your goals at anytime

Goal templates

Confuse where to start with your goal? Check out Sentrient's built-in configurable goal templates to help you fulfil your goal setting and management requirements. Each template lets you add electronic files and have a 360-degree review of your staff's performance.

  • Highly configurable templates to simplify goal setting
  • 360-degree staff performance insights
  • Saves time in making templates

Break down goals

Align, coordinatе and break down goals into achievable subgoals with Sentrient goal management system which is exclusively catered to suit divеrsе rеquirеmеnts at еvеry organizational tiеr. Achieve any goal in no time!

  • Manage all your goal efficiently
  • Distribute bigger goals into smaller ones
  • Achieve goals within stipulated timeline

Join the league of
prominent goal-achievers with Sentrient

Sentrient's goal management software lets you achieve your goals in no time by letting you encourage inspiring conversations across your organisation. It offers a powerful growth framework that assists you in aligning your goals with performance management processes. Choose Sentrient today for a smoother and better performance management process and accelerated growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sentrient's software assist in goal setting?

Our specially crafted goal-setting software facilitates employees to set clear and measurable goals with ease. It offers attractive templates and in-depth guidance for setting SMART goals in multiple areas.

Does Sentrient's software support progress tracking in real time?

Absolutely, it enables real-time tracking of goal progress. You can monitor goal status, receive completion updates, and make necessary revisions as needed, ensuring continuous progress towards achieving their objectives.

Is it possible to align individual goals with organizational objectives?

Yes, our goal management system makes it easy for users to align their goals with the broader objectives of the organization. By linking employee goals to business objectives, Sentrient ensures that every effort contributes to organizational success.

How does Sentrient's software facilitate collaboration and feedback on goals?

Sentrient encourages collaboration and feedback by allowing users to share goals, seek input from colleagues or managers, and engage in constructive discussions to achieve goals in a set timeline.

Can Sentrient's software be customized to fit our organization's specific needs?

Yes, Sentrient's software offers highly configurable goal templates that can be customized to suit the unique requirements of different organizations. Users can tailor the software to align with their organizational structure, processes, and goals.

Does Sentrient ensure data security?

Sentrient employs robust encryption protocols and follows best practices to safeguard sensitive data. It comes with access controls and permissions that ensure that only authorized users can view and modify data.