Records Management

Preserve integrity and authenticity of records with Sentrient, Australia's trusted records management software.

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Records management system to
ensure better compliance clarity

Stay compliant with Sentrient online records management system. Automated report creation, bulk report upload, and seamless addition of staff records give a clear view of your compliance status, fortifying your governance framework.

Most popular
record types

Sentrient enables you to keep track of your compliance records and sends you reminders when your compliance is about to expire. It also alerts you if you are not meeting compliance standards.

  • License
  • Qualifications
  • Memberships
  • Reports
  • Checks
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Add any record with ease

Sentient’s records management software enables employees to upload their records and notifies administrators to validate them for compliance. Apart from this, you can add code, number, description, and the name of the issuer. You can also attach relevant files to ensure better understanding and clarity.

  • Upload documents in a single click
  • Set the expiration and completion date instantly
  • Add code, number, description, and issuer name

Requesting records in bulk becomes simple

Our robust employee records management software assists users in adding records of employees in large quantities. Furthermore, you can search for a specific record by using different filters like record name, description, category, and record type. After submitting all the records, a ‘Thank You’ message will be displayed notifying you of the confirmation of bulk record completion.

  • Adding bulk employee records becomes easier
  • Search for specific records using different filters
  • Receive a confirmation upon bulk record submission

Streamline your reporting experience with Sentrient

Access all your reports in an attractive summary form. Determine compliance status with our record status option, distinguishing between compliant and non-compliant reports. Sentient can also assist in generating custom reports, allowing you to export them in PDF, Excel, or CSV formats for further analysis.

  • Get reports in a summarised manner
  • Differentiate reports effortlessly
  • Export your reports for later use

Manage any type of record at your fingertips!

With Sentrient’s record management system, organising records comes in handy. Whether you want to edit, delete, search, or renew a specific record, you can do it by just making a single click. In addition to this, Sentrient record management solution enables you to check the status of record whether its compliant, not compliant, or its compliance is ending.

  • Simplifies organising different records
  • Edit, delete, search, or renew with one click
  • Check compliance status readily

Empower compliance with Sentrient's
centralised records management system

Sentrient is Australia's best records system that helps organisations to foster a compliant culture across their organisation. It helps you add and manage important business records in a central location, ensuring your team operates with unified data. By centralising and organising data, Sentrient helps you maintain a reliable source of truth for your organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of records does Sentrient manage?

Sentrient manages various types of compliance records including licenses, qualifications, memberships, reports, and checks.

How does the records management system ensure compliance clarity?

Sentrient ensures compliance clarity by providing automated report creation, bulk report upload, and seamless addition of staff records. It also sends reminders for expiring compliance and alerts for non-compliance.

Can I manage records in bulk with a records management solution?

Absolutely. It facilitates adding records of employees in large quantities and provides options to search for specific records using filters. Confirmation is provided upon bulk record submission.

How does Sentrient streamline the reporting process?

Sentrient offers a streamlined reporting experience where reports are summarised for easy access. Compliance status can be determined, and custom reports can be generated and exported in various formats for further analysis.

Can records be easily edited or renewed with the records management software?

Yes. Sentrient simplifies record management tasks by allowing users to edit, delete, search, or renew records with just one click. Additionally, compliance status can be readily checked.

Is Sentrient suitable for organisations of all sizes?

Yes. Sentrient is designed to cater to the needs of organisations of almost every size, helping them maintain compliance and integrity with their records.