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Reduce the communication gap by leveraging Sentrient’s announcement management system and fostering cohesion and synergy within the team.

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New heights with an online
announcement management system

Experience streamlined communication like never before with Sentrient's Announcement Management System. Effortlessly create, manage, and distribute announcements to your remote team members, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity. Harness the potential of efficient team collaboration with Sentrient.

Most popular announcements

Here are some of the common announcements that our announcement management software can assist you with:

  • App announcement
  • Automation
  • Policy update
  • Celebration
  • Testing announcements
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Faster outreach

With Sentrient's announcement management software, your team can be efficiently notified of significant announcements, policies, or product launch updates through targeted communication methods. In addition to this, it shares vital updates with employees promptly and efficiently.

  • Information sharing becomes easier
  • Keep your employees in loop
  • Increased employee efficiency

Add announcements

Whether it’s a product update or some organisational event of utmost importance, Sentrient makes its announcements a simple task. It offers you different functionalities like adding the title, publish date, summary, insert attachments, show popups, sending email alerts, etc. You can even write an attractive content to show what the announcement is all about.

  • Make any announcement instantly
  • Notify employees via email
  • Create attractive announcement content

Set visibility

Sentrient’s online announcement management solution lets you keep the announcement visible to everyone or keep it specific to any group, location, or department. What’s more, you can even make the announcement featured by adding a banner image for the same. However, you need to set a start and end date in case of featured announcements.

  • Make announcements visible to specific groups, locations, or departments
  • Add featured announcements
  • Set start and end dates

Manage announcements

Experience seamless announcement management with our online tool! Explore categorised announcements with publication and expiry dates and get insights into the publisher details. Edit or delete announcements at your convenience for ultimate control over your announcements.

  • Categorise announcements the way you like
  • Take charge of your announcements
  • Edit or delete any announcement

Search filter

Want to know about something specific from a huge chunk of announcements? Navigate through announcements with Sentrient's intuitive search filter. Pinpoint specific announcements by title, summary, or content with lightning-fast accuracy. Tailor your search to include or exclude featured announcements catering to your unique preferences.

  • Navigate through announcements effortlessly
  • Quickly pinpoint specific announcements by title, summary, or content
  • Fine-tune your search as per your preferences

Boost team harmony

Craft personalised configurations for every team member. Make them a part of joy by letting them comment, react, or create announcements from the feed. Add a sprinkle of excitement within your organisation with automated birthday and work anniversary posts, keeping the team spirit alive!

  • Interactive dashboard for comprehensive insights
  • Easy to set and control access levels
  • Automate birthday and work anniversary posts

Set up the stage for organisational update sharing
with the announcement management system

Sentrient announcement management solution ensures that your employees cannot miss a single update. Share announcements through many channels, each suited to a specific audience. Automate follow-ups, allow for acknowledgements, and speed up product announcement distribution across different platforms with Sentrient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule announcements in advance?

Yes, Sentrient's announcement management system allows you to schedule announcements beforehand by specifying the publish date and time, ensuring timely communication with your team members.

Is it possible to track my announcements' performance?

Absolutely, Sentrient offers insights into announcement performance like engagement metrics, team members' feedback, and views allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

What kind of announcements can you make in Sentrient?

Sentrient announcement management software facilitates enterprises to announce several types of announcements such as policy updates, automation updates, app announcements, event celebrations, testing announcements, etc.

Is it possible to customise who receives specific announcements?

Of course, you can easily tailor announcement visibility by specifying which groups, locations, or departments should receive them, ensuring relevant information reaches the right audience.

What can you do with Sentrient’s search filter feature?

With the search filter feature, you can easily navigate through numerous announcements. Plus, you can customise your search as per different parameters like content, title, or summary.

Does Sentrient support team interactions?

Yes, Sentrient's system promotes team engagement by allowing members to interact with announcements through comments, reactions, and even creating their own announcements.