Compliance training courses

Ensure legal compliance and workplace safety by educating your employees about company, government, legal, and safety regulations with our pre-built training courses tailored for businesses in New Zealand and Australia.

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Take the pain out of your compliance
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Experience legally compliant online compliance training with Sentrient. Our user-friendly courses cover work health and safety, privacy, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, and appropriate internet and social media use. Complete each course in just 15-30 minutes per topic, suitable for all industry sectors and job roles.

Compliance course capabilities

Sentrient's compliance course streamlines regulatory adherence for organisations by delivering comprehensive, up-to-date training modules that ensure employees are well-informed and compliant with industry standards.

  • Comprehensive curriculum 
  • Interactive learning modules 
  • Flexible learning opportunities 
  • Regular course updates 
  • Course completion certifications 
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Work Health and Safety

This short online Work, Health, and Safety (WHS) online training course covers the relevant acts and highlights the importance of work health and safety. It equips participants with the skills to manage hazards, risks, and incidents at work and ensures legal compliance with all New Zealand and Australian state and territory legislation.

  • Basics of WHS and industry-proven practices 
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification 
  • Promoting a safety culture within the organisation 

Sexual Harassment

This brief 15-20-minute online sexual harassment course covers the definition and impact of sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as prevention and resolution strategies. It promotes the fair and respectful treatment of all employees. It is legally compliant and regularly updated to adhere to legislation across all states and territories in Australia.

  • Understanding and identifying sexual harassment  
  • Legal and organisational policies 
  • Creating a respectful and inclusive workplace 

Workplace Bullying

This 15-20-minute online workplace bullying course covers workplace bullying, its impact, prevention, identifying bullying, and the reporting process. It also encourages everyone to help prevent bullying in the workplace and to treat everyone with respect. It's compliant with legislation in all Australian states and territories.

  • Definition and examples of workplace bullying  
  • Workplace bullying policies and prevention strategies  
  • Promoting a respectful and inclusive workplace culture 


Enrol in our 15-minute online privacy course to learn what information your employer can collect, how it's secured, and your rights to access and update it. You will also learn about your responsibilities when handling others' information and the intersection of social media with workplace privacy.

  • Data privacy regulations and compliance 
  • Cybersecurity awareness and practices 
  • Privacy policies and procedures 

Equal Employment Opportunity

This 15-minute online equal employment opportunity (EEO) course covers the importance of equal employment opportunity for organisational culture. It helps identify unlawful conduct in the workplace. It encourages a workplace culture that recognises diversity and treats people fairly and with respect.

  • Equal employment opportunity rules and regulations  
  • Preventing discrimination and harassment 
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture 

Internet and Social Media

This online course covers appropriate internet and social media use in the workplace. It explains the connection between the internet and social media and the workplace, appropriate online behaviour, and how to identify, report, and address inappropriate occasions. The course promotes fairness and respect online.

  • Social media usage guidelines and policies 
  • Social media security 
  • Online personal and company reputation management 

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With Sentrient, compliance training becomes more than just a checkbox exercise - it's a strategic investment in your organisation's success. Our engaging and interactive training modules cover a range of compliance topics, ensuring that your employees understand their responsibilities and contribute to a culture of compliance excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compliance training course?

Sentrient's compliance course educates employees about regulatory requirements, corporate policies, and ethical guidelines in various areas, such as cybersecurity and financial regulations. It includes modules, quizzes, case studies, and assessments to ensure understanding and retention.

What kind of training courses does Sentrient offer to employees?

Sentrient offers a wide range of compliance training programs covering topics such as workplace health and safety, anti-bribery and corruption, data protection, privacy laws, equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination, sexual harassment prevention, and industry-specific regulations.

How do you get employees to complete compliance training courses?

Sentrient utilises several strategies to ensure employees complete their compliance training, including automated reminders, engaging content, management reports, accessibility, and HR systems.