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Tired of endless paper trails and bulky spreadsheets? Redefine employee management with Sentrient's online staff directory management software.

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Staff directory management software to
simplify your team administration

With Sentrient's online staff management solution, you can effortlessly maintain a record of important employee details, manage work locations, contact details and much more. It also comes with pre-designed templates that showcase data of every employee to ensure a smoother team collaboration.

Most important
staff details

Sentrient staff directory software makes it a breeze for managers to keep track of every single detail about the staff. Here are some of the crucial details you need to take care of:

  • Department
  • Identity proofs
  • Contact details
  • Work location
  • Employment status
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Organisation chart

Sentrient helps you construct an organisational chart to visually represent the relationships between employees and job positions within your company. It lets you define key information such as location, roles, objectives, and contact information for each position. This will simplify job roles and improve clarity on responsibilities across departments.

  • Create a comprehensive organisation chart
  • Know who is doing what
  • Offers a clear view of job roles and responsibilities

Search filter

Sentrient's staff management solution that provides its users with a dynamic search feature to navigate swiftly. It enhances the effectiveness of users by letting them search employees by different criteria like department, role, first manager, location, group, username, email address, etc. Thanks to this, you can analyse and manage a huge chunk of data without any hassles.

  • Navigate without any hassles
  • Get any detail in minutes from a huge database
  • Variety of criteria for better search experience

Manage staff details

Manage all the staff details on the go with Sentrient’s top-notch staff detail management system. Know everything about staff right from name, position, email ID, location, department to the date when their record is created. What’s more, you can delete or edit staff details from here.

  • Stay updated about your staff
  • Edit or delete staff details at anytime
  • Covers employee name, position, contact details, department, etc.

Change any details in bulk

Sentrient makes it easier to manage and update extensive staff details with its 'Bulk Update' feature. This feature gives three options to the users - bulk upload staff details, bulk change usernames and bulk change staff details. In bulk upload option, you can upload an excel sheet directly and make changes into them as and when needed.

  • Save your time in making every single update
  • Make bulk changes to any data
  • Save data in excel format

Staff dashboard

Access to accurate staff reports with Sentrient to formulate the best hiring strategy to hire the most talented professionals. In the staff dashboard, you can get a graphical representation of staff by gender, location, department, and age group. You can also check out the leave status of your employees, probation list, upcoming birthdays, and the list of new joiners.

  • Keep a tab on crucial staff details
  • View staff details in an attractive graph
  • Plan the best hiring strategy on the go

Add staff

Make the onboarding simpler for your new employees with Sentrient’s staff management software. Ease the entries of employee data with accordance in organisational standards and legal compliances thanks to its user-friendly interfaces and customisable fields. With Sentrient, you can add the necessary details about staff like their personal details, designation, employment details, photos, time zone, etc.

  • Simplify employee onboarding
  • Make your recruitment compliant to prevalent regulations
  • Access to customisable fields and clear interfaces

Gain end-to-end visibility into your workforce
with Sentrient’s staff directory software

Access to Sentrient's online staff directory software to get total visibility into your workforce. Keep all employee details and reports on your fingertips. Support information integrity with accurate real-time updates. Foster an open, employee-oriented culture where your people can easily connect and work effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Sentrient helps in staff detail management?

Sentrient's online staff management solutions equip managers to track important staff details such as department, identity proofs, work location, employment status, etc. via a centralised platform.

Is visualising organisational structures possible in Sentrient?

Yes, it is possible. You can construct visual organisational charts that represent employee data, vacancy details, powers, and responsibilities of employees, enhancing clarity on job roles and responsibilities across departments.

What search capabilities does the online staff management software offer?

Sentrient's dynamic search feature authorises users to navigate through employee data swiftly based on various criteria such as role, location, department, email ID, username, etc., enhancing the effectiveness of data management.

How Sentrient facilitate bulk updates of staff details?

Sentrient's software offers a 'Bulk Update' feature that enables users to manage and update staff details. This feature includes bulk uploading staff details, bulk changing usernames, and bulk updating staff details, saving time and effort in making extensive updates.

Does online staff management software simplifies onboarding process?

Our software streamlines the onboarding process with user-friendly interfaces and customisable fields, allowing easy employee data handling while ensuring compliance with organisational standards and legal requirements.

Is Sentrient suitable for specific organisational requirements?

Yes, Sentrient's software provides access to customisable fields and clear interfaces, allowing organisations to tailor the software according to their specific requirements and ensure compliance with prevalent regulations.