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Screen applicants, automate interview scheduling, and onboard the most capable candidates with our Candidate Tracking System Software in your New Zealand and Australian business.

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Hire the best candidates with
Applicant Tracking System Software

Hiring the right talent is a critical challenge for most organisations. Manual screening and resume shortlisting can be time-consuming for both candidates and employers. Our end-to-end ATS (applicant tracking software) empowers you to store resumes, automate screening tasks effortlessly, and schedule interviews with just a click.

Robust candidate tracking features

Sentrient's applicant tracking software simplifies the decision-making process for HR executives and business leaders by providing data-driven insights on applicant details.

  • Resume shortlisting 
  • Automated screening 
  • Automated communication 
  • Advanced search functionalities 
  • Data-driven insights 
  • Career page integration 
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Screen the eligible applicants

Collect and shortlist resumes based on your exact requirements. Add candidates to the software or let the software automatically collect the collect data from the website's careers page. Create custom permissions and automatic alerts.

  • Add and manage candidates with comprehensive details 
  • Automatic candidate creation from the careers page 
  • Centralise applicants’ data and resume screening  

Shortlist most-capable candidates

Use advanced automated shortlisting and search features to find the right talent for specific jobs. Centralised resumes and candidate data facilitate team collaboration in shortlisting the ideal candidates for the specific roles.

  • Shortlist the qualified candidates using advanced reports 
  • Shortlist effortlessly analysing screening questions 
  • Personalise forms to collect additional data from the applicants 

Schedule interview looping everyone

Pick an ideal interview slot from the calendars for both candidates and employers. Let an ATS automatically update the selected candidates and interviewers. Share shortlisted profiles, access candidates, and record interview questions for the panel.

  • Schedule interview notifying candidates 
  • Make an online or first-round call 
  • Assign tasks to evaluate candidates further 

Recruit the best applicants

Automate the collection of required documents, request additional details, and complete paperwork using well-established workflows. Send the selected applicants a welcome note and reminder to ensure a smooth transition for your new hire.

  • Convert applicants directly to new hires in the ATS 
  • Use automated communication and reminder features 
  • Track recruitment metrics and hire efficiently in the future 

Transform your candidate tracking
journey with Sentrient ATS

In today's competitive business landscape, efficient hiring is crucial. Do not let mismanaged applicant tracking slow you down. With Sentrient's reliable ATS solution, you can streamline your hiring process and find the right talent effortlessly. For over a decade, Sentrient has been the go-to provider of compliance and HRMS solutions for businesses in New Zealand and Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is applicant tracking system software?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software used by HR recruiters and employers to track candidates or applicants throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process.

Which is the best ATS software?

Sentrient is the best applicant tracking software for New Zealand and Australian businesses, considering the end-to-end features and functionalities offered for resume screening, candidate shortlisting, and candidate screening.

Which ATS is used by Australian businesses?

Australian businesses use multiple ATS. However, Sentrient offers the best candidate tracking system software for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises.

What ATS tools are offered by Sentrient?

Sentrient ATS has included comprehensive tools for the entire candidate tracking process. It includes resume screening, resume shortlisting, candidate screening, and applicant tracking to make the hiring and recruiting process easier for candidates and employers.

How can ATS benefit my business?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines and manages the hiring process for businesses. It benefits businesses to improve teamwork, reduce time to hire, expand hiring capabilities, improve employer reputation, and guarantee adherence to regulations.