Talent Pool Management

Optimise talent management and showcase expertise with Sentrient. Effortlessly navigate through job listing, resume shortlisting, and hiring processes.

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Make the most out of your talent
pool strategy with Sentrient

Sentrient offers an impactful talent pool management software that allows you to manage talents at your fingertips. It lets you add, manage and bulk upload candidate with ease. With a comprehensive suite of features, Sentrient's online talent pool management solution lets you hire, nurture, and retain top talent, giving your organisation an extra edge.

Most popular sources to extend you talent pool

Finding the best talent from a large arena of candidates gives tough times to an enterprise. And that is where Sentrient lends a helping hand. Here are some prominent sources you need to look before start searching your next budding professional:

  • Social media
  • Networking
  • Job posting sites
  • Noticeboards
  • Newspaper classifieds
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Add candidate

Add candidate details to your talent pool without much effort with our online talent pool management system. It allows you to attach critical documents like CV, experience certificates, contracts, educational details, experience certificates, offer letters, etc. You can even upload employee photo for verification purposes.

  • Flawless candidate profile creation
  • Easy to customise candidate data fields
  • Automated candidate communication

Bulk upload candidate

Save your precious time by uploading candidate data in a single click. Directly add the important candidate data in Excel format from anywhere and at any time. What's more, you can even download the bulk upload template to create a rich talent pool quickly and effectively. Say goodbye to hurdles of making entries manually, just upload your file and you are set!

  • Upload candidate details in bulk
  • Import candidate data in excel format
  • Create a wider talent pool in minutes

Add candidates to job

Tired of organising a bunch of job applications for different posts? Optimise your hiring procedures by effortlessly matching candidates from your talent pool to targeted job openings, guaranteeing a seamless progression from recruitment to final selection. Add candidates to any job you like - full time, part time, or casual.

  • Match candidates to job opening in minimal efforts
  • Include candidates to any job type: full time, part time, or casual
  • Simplify hiring from recruitment to selection

Search filter

Analysing a huge chunk of applications is a daunting task for hiring managers and owners. Don’t miss out on top talents, leverage Sentrient's advanced search and filtering capabilities to quickly navigate an extensive talent pool to streamline your talent acquisition and make informed decisions. Embrace the power of precision to find the perfect match for your organisation's needs.

  • Search anything from a vast talent pool
  • Make faster and accurate decisions
  • Match the candidate requirements and organisational goals

Clear dashboard

Sentrient’s online talent pool management software comes with a modern dashboard. It offers you a bird-eye view of important aspects concerning a candidate such as name, experience, contact details, tags, recruitment stage, etc. Also, here you can see whether the applicant is from the internal staff for better surety. This dashboard also enables you to edit, search or delete any candidate data when you need.

  • Offers a clear view into crucial candidate details
  • Helps you make better decisions
  • Effortlessly manage candidate data

Assign job

In the fast-paced recruitment world, speed and efficiency matters the most. With the Sentrient talent pool management system’s assign job feature, you can smoothly assign candidates from your talent base to specific job openings. As a result, you can focus on more important things like attracting and retaining top talents and take your business to new heights by propelling it towards success.

  • Assign job to anyone in seconds
  • Cut through the candidate sorting
  • Nurture top talents efficiently

Experience the power of paperless
talent pool management with Sentrient

Sentrient supports you to stay ahead of the competition by providing a centralised platform for managing and nurturing top talent. Packed with extensive features, it encourages you to attract and retain the best candidates. Embrace the future of talent pool management with Sentrient and unlock the full potential of your workforce today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sentrient assists you in candidate profile creation?

Yes. Our system simplifies candidate profile creation by allowing easy addition of details such as experience certificates, offer letters, CVs, and educational documents.

Can I upload candidate data in bulk?

Yes, our system supports bulk upload of candidate data. You can conveniently add candidate details in Excel format with just a single click.

Is it possible search and filter candidates?

Yes, our system offers advanced search and filtering capabilities. It lets you navigate the extensive talent pool, aligning candidate requirements with organisational goals for informed decision-making.

How does Sentrient’s dashboard enhance candidate management?

Our dashboard offers a clear view of crucial candidate details, recruitment stages, and internal staff status. This eventually leads to better decision-making and effortless candidate data management.

Is it possible to assign candidates to specific job openings?

Absolutely, Sentrient's talent pool management system allows you to smoothly assign candidates from your talent base to specific job openings. This ensures a streamlined recruitment process.

Is there a limit to the number of candidates I can add to the talent pool?

No, there is no limit to the number of candidates you can add to your talent pool. Our system allows you to create a rich talent database by adding as many candidates as you want.