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Amplify your recruitment efforts with
an advanced job posting system

Connect with top talents across the industry who are on the lookout for a job like yours. Our modern job posting solution offers salient features that enable you to automate your recruitments with confidence. Create any job you want by adding all the necessary details in no time. Carve your path to success in the ever-changing world of online recruitment with Sentrient’s online job posting solution.

Most popular
job posting methods

There are numerous ways of updating future candidates about the open positions at your organisation. But here are some of the popular ways that you need to look at:

  • Job board
  • Social media
  • Job portals
  • Referrals
  • Career page
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Post job details

Save your precious time and resources to shortlist the right candidate. Create a job instantly by adding essential details like name of position, no. of openings, department, location, group, category, salary range, employment type, etc. You can even add the name of the person who requested these details along with the hiring coordinator's name.

  • Instantly create job listings
  • Include the requester and hiring coordinator’s names
  • Efficiently shortlist candidates

Describe job details clearly

Any kind of vagueness in the job description confuses candidates which eventually results in a mistake in their application. To avoid this, Sentrient job posting solution creates a detailed description of post, experience details, justification of main duties, qualifications, skills, goals, etc. Apart from this, you can also insert an attachment with one click.

  • Detailed descriptions of job positions
  • Attach documents with one click
  • Save job details as draft

Document upload

Document upload feature of Sеntriеnt Job Postings system facilitates effortless submission of essential documents like cover letters, CVs, and certifications, enhancing the application process efficiency. With its intuitive interface and powerful security measures, it еnsurеs seamless recruitment management, safeguarding confidentiality, and data integrity.

  • Upload any documents faster
  • Attach directly from your system
  • Saves time in document sharing

Screening questions

With Sentrient’s job posting software, you can effortlessly add screening questions which are helpful in knowing the candidates better. Thanks to its dropdown menu, you can choose multiple questions regarding their personal details. Such questions can be a single selection, date and time, rating, or text-based in case of the requirement of further details.

  • Create screening questions with ease
  • Keep it mandatory or optional
  • Define question types

Approve job details

Our job posting software makes it seamless for organisations to assign approvals for different job postings. You can assign people for the same as well and add further notes along with attachments if needed. However, you can skip the approval part if you are short of time in the recruitment process. You can also set up the stages of recruitment process for various job postings.

  • Seamless approval assignments for job postings
  • Specify individuals for approvals
  • Add notes and attachments

Easy-to-use dashboard

Sentrient job posting solution boasts of a reflexive dashboard that lets the users see everything with better clarity and more conveniently. Moreover, this dashboard lets you access all the features promptly. Furthermore, it offers an easy signup, allowing you to effortlessly post job ads in seconds!

  • Reflexive dashboard to access all features promptly
  • Easy signup process
  • Smoother job posting

Power up your job postings with the job posting system

Sentrient's job posting software streamlines the recruitment process with intuitive features for easy management and growth. Benefit from easy to use layouts, applicant tracking, and premium functionalities, empowering you to focus on expanding your job’s reach to potential candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to attach CVs and cover letters to my job postings?

Yes, Sentrient allows for seamless document upload for CVs, cover letters, and certifications to your job postings, enhancing the overall application process.

Can I customise screening questions for candidates?

Absolutely. Sentrient's platform offers flexibility in creating screening questions tailored as per your needs. You can choose from various question types and make them mandatory or optional.

How Sentrient handle the job posting approval process?

Our job posting platform allows organisations to specify and assign individuals for approval and add notes or attachments as necessary to facilitate seamless communication.

Does Sentrient allow you to set up different stages in the recruitment process?

Yes, you can easily set up stages in the recruitment process for various job postings, allowing for customisation based on organisational needs and preferences.

Can I track applicants' progress throughout the recruitment process?

Certainly. Sentrient provides applicant tracking functionality, enabling you to manage applicants effectively from the moment they apply to the final hiring decision.

How does the job posting software ensure confidentiality and data security?

Sentrient's job posting solution incorporates powerful security measures to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access, ensuring a secure recruitment management process.