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Attract top talents creating and circulating accurate job descriptions with a high-performing and ATS-driven Job Description Software.

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Create JDs & hire 2X faster
with Position Description Software

A great job description (JD) is the difference between attracting top talent and getting lost in a sea of applicants. But crafting compelling and attractive JDs can be time-consuming and frustrating. And that’s where Sentrient job description software comes into play. It empowers you to effortlessly create high-performing job descriptions that showcase your employer brand and get noticed by qualified candidates.

Robust job descriptions software features

Easy to use and high user interface is at the core of Sentrient digital transformation solutions. We enable your HR teams to build JDs in minutes without any technical expertise, adding features and functionalities like;

  • Job description templates 
  • Skill & recruitment libraries 
  • ATS-friendly descriptions 
  • Internal collaboration tools 
  • Instant JD approvals and updates 
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Attract 2x more qualified applicants

Craft clear and engaging job descriptions to attract the top talent. You can also use our AI-powered keyword tool to ensure your position descriptions appear in relevant searches and showcase your company brand to attract a diverse pool of applicants looking for the job change.

  • AI writing assistant 
  • Targeted keyword assistant 
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion 

Reduce time-to-hire by up to 50%

Improve your hiring process with Sentrient's ATS optimisation tools. Craft compelling job descriptions in minutes using industry-proven templates and pre-populated skills lists. Collaborate seamlessly with your team to expedite JD finalisation and streamline your hiring process.

  • ATS-optimised job descriptions 
  • Requirements and skills libraries 
  • Internal collaboration features 

Improve your branding as employer

Easily incorporate your company culture, mission statement, and employee testimonials directly into your JDs. It allows interested applicants and candidates to envision themselves succeeding in your organisation. Personalise the look and feel of your JDs to match your company.

  • Employer branding 
  • Customisable branding options 
  • Social sharing features 

Save HR recruitment costs

Spend less time struggling with blank pages and focus on attracting top talent with our easy-to-use software. Attract the right fit from the beginning, reduce the number of interviews, and expedite the hiring process. Attract top talent who are a strong fit and lower onboarding costs.

  • No additional assistance required 
  • Reduce time spent and efforts creating JDs 
  • Fewer unqualified applicants 

Attract top talents faster and effectively
with Sentrient Position Description Software

Craft high-performing job descriptions in minutes. Attract qualified candidates and streamline your hiring process. Sentrient Position Description Software is the all-in-one solution for writing effective JDs, reducing time to hire, and building a strong employer brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Job Description Software?

Job Description Software, also known as Position Description Software, is a digital tool designed to help businesses create high-performing job descriptions (JDs) that attract qualified candidates and streamline the hiring process.

Our current job descriptions aren't attracting the right talent. Can Sentrient help?

Absolutely! Sentrient's job description software helps you craft compelling JDs that resonate with the perfect candidates. Our AI-powered features optimize them for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and readability, ensuring your openings get noticed by the most qualified applicants.

Is Sentrient software difficult to learn?

No way! We prioritise user-friendliness. Sentrient requires no technical expertise and features an intuitive interface. Plus, we offer comprehensive support resources to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Are there additional benefits to using Sentrient?

Beyond attracting top talent, Sentrient helps you reduce time-to-hire, improve your employer brand, and save money on recruitment efforts. It's a win-win for businesses like yours!