Corporate Library Management System

Transform the management of your corporate library with us. Manage everything from policies to proposals and processes to project documents on the go.

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Organise your corporate library digitally with
Sentrient’s library management software

Promoting employee engagement and intuitive experiences, we simplify your business' library management approach. Our user-friendly and robust solution allows you to manage your entire business information and library from start to end.

Enterprise Library Management Features

Advanced functionalities and capabilities in our solution make it easier for businesses like yours to manage enterprise libraries—catalogue, circulate, and organise eResources like never before.

  • Course library 
  • Centralised content library 
  • Training/learning assignments 
  • User access control 
  • Quick attachments 
  • Categorial search & filter 
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Catalogue for an organised library

Organise and classify your digital content and resources effectively within our corporate library. By creating a structured and well-organised system, you can easily retrieve any content from the library. This centralised library improves your employee productivity in the long run.

  • Library content classification (author, date, department and more) 
  • Custom categorisation 
  • Advanced search & filter capabilities 

Simplified processes and access

Our all-in-one library management solution enables your HR and administration team to take granular control over library management. You can customise permissions and reporting, centralise administration, streamline processes, and improve data security.

  • User roles and permissions 
  • Add/build a content library 
  • Maintain data integrity 

Built-in content authoring

Create dynamic SCORM (sharable content object reference model) content within the library. Our library management system offers solutions for all your content-creation needs within the library itself and removes the necessity for external third-party apps.

  • Create and share content within the library 
  • Relevant attachments 
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for external apps 

Improve performance and productivity

Our library management solution helps your employees work efficiently by streamlining access to resources, simplifying workflows, and promoting personalised learning. Create courses and training content for leadership and management, communication, and relevant skills.

  • Personalised training courses 
  • Centralised access 
  • Easier retrieval of library documents 

Top-performing Australian companies use
Sentrient library management system

Still using traditional ways to manage your corporate libraries? Book a free demonstration from us to simplify your library management, organise it, and improve your employee productivity now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate library management system?

A corporate library management system is a digital solution for organising and managing business-critical content libraries, including reports, presentations, training materials, and project documents, within enterprises and companies.

How do I create library management software?

Developing and implementing an enterprise library management is a complex process that involves various steps. You can partner with Sentrient, and we can help you implement a library management system for your business.

How can a corporate library management system help my business?

A corporate library management system can help your business by making it easier to organise resources, track resources, and improve access. It also ensures better knowledge management, quicker access, and improved collaboration among employees.