Employee Survey & Feedback

Encourage a culture of employee feedback and empowerment with our Employee Survey Software, designed to drive positive change within your business in New Zealand and Australia.

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Transform your employee feedback
with our Employee Survey Software

Design engaging surveys using a user-friendly interface and pre-built templates that cater to essential HR requirements such as satisfaction, engagement, and onboarding. Share surveys via email or anonymously within the platform to encourage broad participation—customise surveys with open-ended questions, branching logic, and tailored scoring to collect detailed and precise feedback.

Employee feedback software features

Transform your workplace with our seamlessly integrated platform. Empower your organisation with intuitive tools to collect, analyse, and act on valuable employee feedback. Gain deep insights into your staff's needs, measure engagement levels, and promote a profitable workplace culture.

  • Customisable questionnaires 
  • Standard survey templates 
  • Reminders and notifications 
  • Anonymous feedback 
  • Real-time reporting and analytics 
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Personalised survey creation

Design appealing surveys using pre-built templates for HR needs such as satisfaction, engagement, and onboarding. Share surveys via email or anonymously to encourage broad participation. Customise surveys with open-ended questions, branching logic, and tailored scoring for detailed feedback.

  • In-built feedback questionnaires 
  • Customisable survey templates 
  • Survey creation for future events 

Versatile feedback collection mechanisms

Utilise various feedback channels, including pulse surveys and real-time comments. Recognition programs empower employees and promote a positive workplace environment. Anonymous reporting channels create a secure environment for honest feedback, which enables proactive issue resolution.

  • Multi-faceted survey mechanism 
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) recognition 
  • Anonymous reporting 

Actionable analytics and reporting

Generate real-time reports with insightful data visualisations like charts and graphs. Analyse data by demographics, departments, individual responses, or custom criteria to identify improvement areas. Monitor the impact of changes based on feedback and measure progress towards goals.

  • Comprehensive data and reports 
  • Employee progress and survey tracking 
  • Granular analysis 

Continuous employee improvement

Share anonymised survey results and action plans with employees to demonstrate your commitment as an employer. Open a two-way communication channel for questions and feedback. Integrate feedback into performance management for goal alignment and development opportunities.

  • Employee-oriented surveys 
  • Extended survey types and styles 
  • Survey prioritisation & categorisation 

Take your employee engagement to the next level
with Sentrient Employee Feedback Software

Engaged employees are essential in today's competitive business landscape. With Sentrient's reliable employee feedback platform solution, you can effortlessly create surveys and collect responses. For over a decade, Sentrient has been the go-to provider of compliance and HRMS solutions for businesses in New Zealand and Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee survey software?

Employee survey software is a platform designed to collect anonymous feedback from employees, analyse it in real-time, and enable employers to act on it effectively. This tool helps measure employee engagement and satisfaction levels by facilitating the gathering of their input.

Which is the best employee survey software your business?

Sentrient is the best applicant employee feedback software for New Zealand and Australian businesses, considering the end-to-end features and functionalities offered for survey creation, distribution, and analysis.

How can the Sentrient employee feedback platform can help your business?

Employee survey software provides numerous benefits for your business, including:

  1. Improved employee engagement and morale
  2. Reduced turnover rates
  3. Enhanced decision-making capabilities
  4. Stronger employer branding
  5. Increased productivity and performance
What types of surveys can you create with employee survey software?

You can create a wide range of surveys with our software, such as:

  1. Employee satisfaction surveys
  2. Pulse surveys
  3. Engagement surveys
  4. Exit interviews
  5. Onboarding surveys
  6. Training evaluation surveys