Capability Management System

Automate staff assessments, identify skills gaps and develop capabilities. Here's an ideal capability management solution to level up your employees to achieve your business goals.

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Capability management software to
manage capabilities and upskill employees

A business requires the right skills and resources to gain a competitive advantage. Our solution helps you assess, manage, and develop the capabilities that businesses truly need. It also helps you align your workforce and achieve strategic goals.

Capability management
tools to identify skill gaps

Businesses often need help with employee assessment, skill gaps, and performance management challenges. Sentrient's capability management module offers sufficient features to help you address these challenges and find the knowledge gaps in your workforce.

  • Automated assessments 
  • Skill gap analysis 
  • Performance management 
  • End-to-end reports 
  • Advanced search & filter 
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Define and align capabilities

The first approach to capabilities management is to define and align the skills, resources, and competencies within an organisation. We help you define the capabilities of each individual for every position within your business and align them with your strategic goal.

  • Manually or automatically define the skills 
  • Align skills for each employee and positions 
  • Match skills for specific employee/role 

Automatic performance assessment

Performance assessment processes can be complex and repetitive, which require manual inputs. Our employee performance management solutions simplify and streamline these capability assessment procedures. It enables you to;

  • Reduce mundane tasks and admin burden 
  • Identify current capabilities and knowledge gaps effectively 
  • Track employee capabilities and improvement in real-time 

Get comprehensive capability reports

Understanding your staff's capabilities is critical to making informed decisions, especially for HR and leadership teams. Our software enables your decision-makers to gain in-depth insights into your workforce and help you build a more capable team.

  • Capabilities report of an individual for multiple positions 
  • Capabilities report of one or more staff 
  • Capability matrix reports 

Manage capabilities and resources

Optimising productivity in a business is possible by assigning tasks to skilled employees with the right resources. Our capability management software can help you achieve this goal by finding the perfect candidate for each assignment.

  • Assign each project to the ideal employee 
  • Optimise the resource allocation 
  • Improve overall productivity 

Improve overall productivity by
optimising capabilities with Sentrient

Skill gaps within your business kill your growth opportunities. However, you can bridge these gaps by developing and optimising capabilities for each employee and role. Identify, assess, and improvise your capabilities management approach with solutions to drive digital transformation within your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capability management software?

Capability management is a digital tool used to assess whether employees have the right skills and knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently. It identifies skill gaps and provides comprehensive reports to help a business provide training and support and monitor employee performance.

How can you manage capabilities in Sentrient's capability management softwar

Our capability management solutions enable you to define skills and assess current capabilities. You can also complete these tasks manually or automatically. Moreover, Advanced reports help you identify skill gaps and make informed decisions.

How does a capability management system benefit your business?

First, our system helps your business clearly understand each employee's strengths and weaknesses, identifying skill gaps. We enable you to allocate resources accordingly and align each employee with strategic goals, which benefits your business in driving growth and digital transformation.

How does Sentrient improve capabilities management?

We designed our software to help you manage your employees and their roles. It is easy to use and provides all the information you need to make informed decisions. You can access comprehensive reports to get the data you need. Also, our solution offers a seamless experience, allowing you to manage your employees and their roles effortlessly.