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Achieve unmatched event excellence and amplify employee experience with Sentrient's dynamic online event management software.

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Experience stress-free event planning with
Sentrient's event management solution

Sentrient's event management tool process is designed with your success in mind. We follow industry best practices and the latest technology to deliver exceptional results every time. From initial planning to post-event analysis, Sentrient is with you every step of the way!

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Sentrient employs advanced techniques and strategies to make your event a success. It leverages the latest technology to streamline event planning and execution.

  • Meeting
  • Conferences
  • Face-to-face training
  • Reunions
  • Seminars
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Enhance networking with instant event addition

Manage any event at your fingertips! With Sentrient event management system, you can create and organise events tailored to your needs. Whether it's a team meeting, training session, or company celebration, you can define event types, set dates, jot down notes, and add attachments or a header image.

  • Create and streamline events with ease
  • Define event types, set dates, and add notes
  • Attach files or header images to enhance events

Take charge of events with the settings feature

Sentrient’s event management solution comes with settings feature that lets you put your events in order. Whether it's a team meeting or a company-wide celebration, you decide if registration is necessary and set the maximum capacity. You have the power to tailor visibility – whether it's open to all, exclusive to selected groups, or by invitation only.

  • Customise event settings
  • Set registration and capacity
  • Control visibility: open, selective, or by invitation

Organise event invitations in a single click!

Sentrient event management software grants you the power to accept or reject any event you want. You can prioritise your commitments effectively, ensuring you stay focused on what matters most to you. Say goodbye to cluttered schedules and hello to efficient planning with Sentrient!

  • Easily accept or reject any invitation
  • Prioritise commitments easily
  • No more cluttered schedules

Save any event as a draft

With Sentrient's event management solution, you have the power to save all your event details as drafts, ensuring nothing gets lost in the planning process. Craft your perfect event at your own pace, knowing you can easily pick up where you left off whenever inspiration strikes. Take charge of your events today!

  • Save event details as drafts
  • Frame your event at your own pace
  • Resume planning whenever inspiration strikes

Easy to use search filter

Ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of data, struggling to find what you need? Sentrient event management system comes with a search filter that lets you zero in on precisely what you're looking for. It's like having a personal assistant who knows your mind, saving you time and frustration.

  • It helps users quickly find specific data
  • Offers a personalised experience
  • Saves time and reduces frustration

Attractive layouts for better visibility

Sentrient event management tool provides users with easy-to-use layouts for better accessibility. It offers two types of layouts – Classic and Modern. In classic layout, the event details are displayed in typical data format. On the other hand, modern layout displays event details in a visually appealing format.

  • Get two types of layouts: Classic and Modern
  • Classic layout presents event details in fixed data format
  • Modern layout makes event details attractive

Achieve event mastery in no time with Sentrient’s
digital-first event management system

Still, using the same old manual process for event management? Ditch the tiresome task of managing events with Sentrient. With our tech-savvy event management platform, HR professionals can effortlessly manage events to stay focused on a single task at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events can I manage with Sentrient?

You can manage a wide range of events using our event management software, including meetings, conferences, face-to-face training sessions, reunions, seminars, and much more.

How can I keep a tab on event details?

You can save all your event details as drafts, ensuring you don’t get distracted in the planning process. This way, you can craft your perfect event at your own pace and resume planning whenever you get any inspiration.

Is the event management software equipped with data analysis?

Yes. You will get a custom dashboard where you can analyse event data and make strategic decisions. It helps you adapt to event changes and strategically set task priorities to boost team productivity and streamline event workflows.

Which layouts are available for displaying event details?

Sentrient provides two types of layouts for better visibility: Classic and Modern. The Classic layout displays event details in a typical data format, while the Modern layout presents information in an attractive format.

Can I easily find specific event information?

Absolutely. Our trailblazing event management system comes with an easy-to-use search filter that helps you quickly zero in on precisely the data you're looking for.

How can I manage event invitations?

You can accept or reject any event invitation with a single click. This can help you prioritise your commitments effectively, ensuring you stay organised and focused on what matters most to you.